Disclosure Statement

[This statement is required by Washington state law and will be given to all patients at our first meeting.]

Disclosure Information

This information is given in compliance with the Washington State Licensing requirement, according to RCW 18.19.225.  I am a Washington Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LW00004460.  Prior to the implementation of licensure for social workers in July, 2001, I was a Certified Social Worker in Washington from 1988 to 2001.  I am also currently certified by the American Board of Education in Clinical Social Work as a Board-Certified Diplomate (B.C.D.), a national certification of advanced practice, and have been certified as a B.C.D. since 1989.

My education includes a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (1974) and a Certificate in Adult Psychotherapy from the Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute (1979).  The goal of my work is to help people in emotional distress gain relief from their distress through short term (under 20 sessions) or long term psychotherapy (over 20 sessions).
My clinical practice is based on psychodynamic theory and technique meaning emotional relief stems from the patient gaining a new way of understanding his or her problems through our discussions. The length of treatment is determined by the type of emotional problem an individual is facing and the wishes of the individual for symptom relief and/or understanding of underlying causes of their distress. The risks of this treatment include failure to relieve emotional distress.  Non-treatment provides the same risk.  There are numerous other forms of psychotherapy based on different theories and techniques as well as medications which may also relieve emotional distress. I do not keep regular notes of my work with patients after the first few sessions.  Anyone wishing to review unprofessional conduct or for LICSWs may do so at the Department of Health website, www.doh.wa.gov .

It may be necessary for me to reschedule appointments occasionally because of legislative work I do as a mental health advocate.  I want you to be aware of the likelihood of these changes, which I will keep to a minimum, especially when the Legislature is in session.

I do not disclose information about my work with patients, except when required by state or Federal law. I will not disclose any information without the written consent of the patient.  I do not accept insurance reimbursement.  My fee is $110.00 per 50-minute session for individuals, $150 per 50-minute session for couples.  Bills are distributed on the first of the month and payment is expected by the fifteenth of the month. 
Laura W. Groshong, L.I.C.S.W  
(rev. 4/07)

Client Information

Ethnicity: Any 
Gender: All 
Religious Orientation: Any 
Age: Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults


(206) 524-3690